9 Places to Find Peace and Heal After a Breakup

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If you’ve been through a breakup this past year, then you have most likely been going through it as fast and as hard as you can. You might not know exactly what to do or how to get over your ex, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea of trying. In fact, taking steps forward is often the first step towards recovery and moving forward again.

However, it won’t be easy; in some cases, it may even be incredibly painful. Fortunately for us, there are some great places to find peace after a break up. These are just some of the many strategies out there to help you when the world seems too overwhelming (and maybe even dangerous) outside of your home or friends’ company.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering is another great way to get out of your own head by helping others who need it too. There are so many organizations that are looking for volunteers right now, like Habitat for Humanity. You might feel better after helping someone else who needs it more than you do, which will leave you feeling better overall – not just because you helped somebody else but also because you went out there into reality again.

2. Go Camping

Going on a camping trip can be an excellent way to recover from difficult experiences or heal from traumatic events. If you’d like to take a camping trip for this purpose, it’s important to acknowledge any negative emotions that come up during your journey. Don’t be afraid to accept and process whatever emotions you encounter—it can often make it easier to move forward in life.

Additionally, try to do as much relaxing activities as possible while camping. Activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping can really help in grounding yourself and renewing your mental energy. If you can’t seem to find the time or resources for a camping trip right now, consider other ways of healing such as journaling or talking with a therapist.

3. Find a New Hobby or Sport

Finding a new hobby or sport can be a great way to help you move on from hurt, and boost your emotions. It may provide you with a sense of accomplishment you never felt before, which can be a great way to rebuild your self-confidence. Whether it’s something like painting, running, or playing soccer, there are plenty of activities out there that can give you the solace you need after a tough date.

The good news is that regardless of what activity you choose, it will help you make progress and achieve goals that give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This can also help distance yourself from your ex, which is easy if you are joining a team or doing some kind of physical activity with friends. You might also find that this habit helps improve your mental health or wellbeing in general. So why not take the urge to try something new? You never know how much joy and happiness it may bring!

4. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

If you’re the type of person who likes to be surrounded by beauty and art, then it can be hard to cope with life when you’re going through a breakup. Finding peace in this case is simple: visit a museum or an art gallery. Being surrounded by beautiful things like paintings and sculptures will help you feel better and more at ease. Museums and galleries offer something for everyone, so chances are that you’ll find an experience that speaks to your soul.

Popular Museums and Art Galleries

5. Take a Spa Day

Taking a spa day is a great way to show yourself some self-care after a relationship ends or when you have a broken heart. It’s important to take time for yourself when things don’t go as planned, and nothing can make you feel more refreshed and relaxed than taking a few hours out of your day for some self-care. A spa day is perfect for giving you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and start healing from the pain of your broken heart. You can also invite family and friends along so that you have support during this difficult time in your life, making it even more enjoyable. Taking a spa day is an excellent way to relax, unwind, and take care of yourself during times of distress.

6. Play with Petting Zoo Animals

Going to a petting zoo after recovering from a breakup can be a great way to start the healing process. It can help you to let go of your grief, and give you some positive vibes. The animals are so sweet and gentle, it will be hard not to get caught up in their cuteness while they snuggle up against you. Interacting with the animals can give you something else to focus on besides your heartbreak, and can break up the monotony of your post-breakup routine. Plus, spending time with these animals can help you grieve in a healthy way and heal from heartbreak.

7. Go to the Beach or Pool

A trip to the beach or pool can be a great way to boost your self-esteem. Whether you’re visiting with friends and family, or just taking a solo trip, it’s a good idea to consider going. The sun and salty air might tempt you with relaxation and indulgence. Plus, the time away from your everyday life might be exactly what you need to help cope with any stressors, like a divorce or break-up. Taking time for yourself can provide an opportunity for reflection and exploration that can really benefit your mental health. Why not take a chance on yourself and try something new? Going to the beach or pool could be just what you need!

8. Visit an ASPCA Rescue Center or Shelter

If you’re still feeling lost and broken after your heart has been broken, you may want to visit the ASPCA or SPCA. These organizations help thousands of animals every year by taking in those who need a home and giving them the care they need.

9. Go to the Park

A walk in the park is an excellent place to escape from the harsh realities of life and just enjoy the simple things in life, like fresh air. Going on a walk and enjoying nature will help you feel connected to something greater than yourself. Plus, it’s free and there are few things that can be more therapeutic than that. 


All breakups are challenging and can leave you feeling lost and alone. But it is possible to find peace after a break up by doing something fun and new that will help you forget about your ex.

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