About Kevin Collins

As a man who is always striving to become an expert in his field, I have been given the privilege of being able to share that knowledge with others. I have spent the past two decades pursuing multiple educational goals and learning as many skills as possible, to eventually become a top-notch research analyst, and lifestyle enthusiast.

I’ve also spent the past decade with thousands of hours of dedicated time to learning systems software, technologies and advancements in artificial intelligence. This journey leads me in avid pursuit of a never-ending quest to fill my thoughts with knowledge that will change lives for those who truly see that knowledge is power. I honor the traditions of being professional, personable, humble and driven!

I created this website to help people become better at what they are meant to be physically, spiritually emotionally and mentally; to pursue forgotten dreams with passion and compassion; to change careers with reason, facts and purpose; to make lifestyle changes for growth, prosperity and determination.

I welcome you on your life-changing journey!


Kevin Collins